How To Get The Old Snapchat Back For Iphone & Android

How To Get The Old Snapchat Back

A lot of people hate the new update with over 1,000,000 signed petitions it won't be long until the old Snapchat is back. Though until then here's a step by step guide on how to get your old Snapchat back for Android and iPhones.

Before you do anything turn off auto-update in your iTunes or Play Store (This will only work if you hasn't been installed).

Step 1

Find Snapchat on iTunes or Play Store then uninstall the App

Step 2

After uninstalling re-install Snapchat again and type in your username but DO NOT log in. Click forgot password and then click on via phone then type in the code.

Step 3

After hitting continue and choose your password then login. (DO NOT CLOSE THE APP HIT THE BACK ARROW FOR THIS TO WORK)

And that's how you get the old Snapchat back.