How To Make Money On YouTube Without Ads. (FOR SMALL CHANNELS)

YouTube recently updated there partner program and hundreds of thousands of small youtubers are greatly affected by this new rule. Before the update the rule was to get 10,000 lifetime views on your YouTube channel to get your content monetized. Now you'll need to get 1,000 subscribers, 10,000 lifetime views and 4,000 (240,000 minutes) hours of watch time in the span of 12 months before you're accepted for AdSense monetization.  

Fortunately there's a way around this situation! I've found 3 ways for any small YouTuber to earn money from their videos (Without spending money, selling merch, making a Patreon or anything unrealistically stupid that other people are talking about).

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one monetization site everyone should be using. With Amazon Associates you get paid just for linking products in your video description. (You'll get 10% commission from that products price. Only if the person who clicked on the link bought the item). Adding the affiliate links in the description takes no time and can bring in a lot of revenue regardless if you're a small or big channel. 

The best way to use Amazon Associates is when you're making a video like "My set up tour" or an "Unboxing video". If you're doing those types of videos you link the product you displayed in the video in description and the people watching will then click the link you displayed and buy that product (For example if the product is $100 or £100 You'll make 10% commission from that item so you'd make $10 or £10).

2. Make A Blog And Display Your Videos

Even though you cant get paid from AdSense from YouTube you can still get accepted for AdSense from blogging. All you will need to do is find a free website maker or blog maker website (The best to place for a free blogging site is Google Blogger but anything else is okay). Once you've made a blogging account all you'll need to do is then sign up for AdSense and put your URL in.

Once you've signed up for AdSense then you'll need to wait to be accepted (normally takes 12-24hrs). When you've completed the following steps, you'll then need to post your video on a blog and name the blog the same title of your video. I say this because even though you cant get on paid by YouTube in general you can still get paid from your blog. Per click on the ads next to the video (will get you around 65p or 65 cents per click or 10 cents or 10p pair 1,000 ad views). This technique is one of the best I've came up with and is amazingly effective.


ClickBank is basically the same as Amazon Associates. Only difference is ClickBanks pay rate is a lot higher than Amazon Associates. If a viewer is to click a link you displayed in your video description and buys that item you would make up to 50% or EVEN 90% commission from that item.  (Example: if you linked an item that's $50 or £50 you'd roughly earn between $25-$45 or £25-£45)

Another thing you can do with ClickBank is you can promote a CPA offer. A CPA offer is short for "Cost Per Action". You get paid for promoting free sign ups through your link. this can earn you $2 - $4 or £2 - £4 per sign up. In total if 10 people signed up using a free account you would earn an easy $20 - $40 or £20 - £40 easy.